10 Reasons You Should *love* Bananas

10 Reasons You Should *love* Bananas

We all know bananas are healthy, right? They’re a fruit. One of our five-a-day. Very versatile too! So we eat them on a pretty regular basis alongside our whole foods and superfood-enriched diets.

But bananas have had a bit of a bad rep in the past. Mainly for being ‘high in calories’ or containing ‘too much sugar’; but we love them and think the pros certainly outweigh any cons.

The Good Stuff Banana

These humble, bent, yellow fruits are actually contributing to a healthier you. In more ways than you might expect!

We’re celebrating the launch of our brand new ORGANIC BANANA POWDER by listing 10 reasons you should incorporate bananas into your healthy lifestyle. Here goes!

They’re a great pre-workout snack.

They have a low GI rating, which means they release energy into the bloodstream slowly. This makes them the perfect pre -workout snack. A natural way to get the energy to smash out one more rep!

They’re so. damn. versatile.

Lots of people don’t like eating bananas whole, but they have so many other uses! They’re essential in most smoothie recipes to get that all-important, thick texture. Transform them into a stunning banana bread or in our yummy banana protein split! They're also easily frozen to reduce food waste.

They’re great for your hair.

They contain the mineral silica, which is thought to improve hair thickness. So whether you're a lady or a gent, everyone wants thick, silky hair, are we right?! 💁🏻🙆🏻‍♂️

They help you run further.

According to Competitor.com, eating more bananas can help your running performance. Runners have increased needs for vitamins and require greater calorie intake, both of which bananas can help with. Runners must also replace electrolytes such as potassium and magnesium loss due to sweating. Bananas are full of the stuff, so fill your (running) boots!

They help fight chronic illness.

The antioxidants found in bananas have been associated with cancer-fighting properties and can help fight chronic illness such as heart disease too.

They’re a great post-workout snack

As well as giving you a slow release of energy before and during a workout, they’re also great afterwards as a low-calorie way to refuel on carbohydrates.

Not many foods this satisfying are so low in calories. So pile them high on your protein pancakes or incorporate them into a delicious peanut butter and banana smoothie to aid full muscle recovery!

They may even improve brain function

Some research has suggested that with all this goodness inside (vitamins, minerals and amino acids) bananas may even improve our brain function. Which is why revision guides often list them as a great study snack.

They help you feel more full

If you want to snack well for weight loss, then green or not-so-ripe bananas may be your best friend. They contain a high level of resistant starch (an indigestible carbohydrate) that has appetite-reducing effects. Which makes green bananas great as a snack or after a light meal.

They can help you build muscle

Bananas are also a good natural food choice if you want to bulk up. Eating a large banana can contribute towards the ‘extra’ calories needed to build muscle, as they promote the repair and growth of muscle tissue. They can easily be blended into smoothies and shakes, and contain more calories than fruits like watermelon, strawberries or grapefruit.

They're the best cure when you're HANGRY

In a nutshell, bananas are the ultimate go-to snack. They even come pre-packed in their own, natural case! We love having bananas to-hand no matter where we go and find they're the best answer if you need to eat something satisfying, quickly.

We're bonkers about bananas and are currently working on some new recipes with our lush new organic banana powder. This is the latest product in our organic superfood range. It’s a great way to flavour our organic whey protein and perfect added to overnight oats too. In the meantime browse our recipe section for endless superfood recipe inspiration!