5 Tips To A Killer Morning Fitness Routine

Guest Post: 5 Tips To A Killer Morning Fitness Routine

This month on The Good Stuff Organic blog, we have a guest post for you! It’s from Sabine, a fitness blogger who loves a tough challenge from My Life My Challenges blog. Sabine is originally from Germany, but has lived in London since 2009. She’s currently balancing life as a passionate fitness blogger, with working a 9 to 5 office job. Her fitness routine helps her find a better life-work balance and in today's post she shares her tips with us for a killer morning fitness routine!

She started blogging to share her first ever fitness challenge (one of the toughest ultra-races in the word) the “Jungle Marathon.” Since completing the grueling 120 km race in 4 days through the Amazon jungle, and discovered a strength within herself that she knew she wanted to pursue. Since then, she tracks her fitness challenges on her blog and we think it’s fab. We hope you enjoy her tips and find them useful on your own health and fitness journey.

5 Tips To A Killer Morning Fitness Routine

Finding the time for a fitness routine is not easy when you have a full time job. Sitting at a desk the whole day affected my health. I needed to exercise more often.

Although I’m a passionate fitness blogger, I experienced ups and downs and I felt it was challenging to find motivation. Here are my top 5 tips to get back into a fitness routine and stick to it. I like exercising in the morning, are you an early bird?

Tip 1: Know your excuses

If you are honest with yourself, the easier it will be. My personal challenge is getting out of bed and when I look at the rainy weather, I don’t fancy going for a run. Knowing these excuses, being honest with myself, I can work around them. I usually snooze for up to 20 minutes, so I changed my alarm to an earlier time: 6:15 am it is. And the weather? Well, this is London, so I better get myself the right running gear and get on with it. No more excuses.

Tip 2: Be organised the night before

One of the top mistakes I did and why I failed to run to work when I really wanted to, was searching for my fitness gear in the morning. I was running around in my room and because I snoozed too long and I couldn’t find that particular pair of leggings, time was running out. I FAILED! It’s so simple: pack your bag the night before. The benefit is you don’t have to worry in the morning. Your leggings and jacket are ready to wear, and off you go!

Tip 3: Choose a realistic fitness challenge (a goal)

If you’ve managed your excuses, and you’re well organised that’s great. But without a routine, there is still a chance of failure. And you have to have a new routine, otherwise a one-off thing won’t give any results. A small goal or challenge will help you achieve routine. 5km might be too much, although you did run it in the past. So pick a realistic goal and give your body time to get back into it.  

Tip 4: Make it a habit

Once you have set a goal for what your new fitness routine will be, try to repeat it on specific days. Write it in your calendar or phone. Creating a habit only takes a couple of weeks. JUST DO IT! And example of a fitness goal that can become a habit might be: “Running to work (5km) every Tuesday to increase my fitness.”

Tip 5: Nutrition is as important as exercising

Your muscles need nutrition to recover faster. Personally, I always have a protein shake after a run. To be organised, I keep my protein at work and at home to make sure I don’t skip it. But, if you prefer a big breakfast with eggs, then that’s good too. A good recovery will also help you stay on track!

Good luck establishing your new morning fitness routines! And keep up with my fitness challenges over on Twitter @lifemychallenge!