Benefits of Eating Naturally (for body, well-being and the planet)

We've always promoted leading a healthy, balanced lifestyle and that natural, organic nutrition should be at the heart of that. Our ethos has always been (and always will be) that natural is best. We’ve told you why organic is better and all of our recipes include our natural, additive-free organic whey protein.

But that’s enough about us.

2017 seems to be the year of conscious living, saving the planet and plant-based eating.

So how does eating natural foods (as opposed to artificial and additive-ridden options) affect you? What are the benefits of eating naturally, beyond just being good for our immune systems, skin and nutrient intake?

Let’s take a look at five key benefits of a natural diet, for your body, well-being and of course, the planet…

You can benefit from having more energy.

Natural foods like fruit and nuts contain no refined sugars. So they don't cause a slump in energy or ‘crash’ that many unnatural, sugary alternatives do. Choosing all natural snacks (like raw nuts, bananas, dates, nut butters, apples and kale crisps) makes things easier for our bodies. Meaning more energy can be spent on other activities for the day! Try swapping a sugary chocolate bar for a banana smothered in natural nut butter and you’ll definitely notice a difference! Your to-do list will thank you.

The Good Stuff Bananas

You get to avoid nasty additives.

You know at The Good Stuff ® we hate nasty additives! Preservatives, flavour enhancers and other processed additions to some foods are just not good for our bodies. Studies have linked these things, often found in processed, unnatural foods to cancer and other illnesses. So, in a wholesome, naturally delicious nutshell: we like to avoid them at all costs and reap the obvious benefits.

The Good Stuff Nuts

You can enjoy better digestion.

It goes without saying that increased fruit and veg intake (particularly raw or blanched veggies) will ensure your digestive system is in excellent working order. As our bodies find vegetables, fruit and nuts easy to break down they can efficiently take the nutrients needed, and the rest is history! If you don’t think you’re getting enough veggies, try eating a portion of raw veg with every evening meal, or commit to an apple a day. You should feel less sluggish and bloated but if not, consulting your doctor is advised.

the Good Stuff Peppers

You can help save the planet by eating less meat.

Natural protein doesn’t always have to come from meat. We know you have muscles to repair after a workout, and fitness goals to achieve. We have them too. But on the whole, our world is over-consuming meat at an alarmingly scary rate. To reduce your meat consumption but keep your protein intake intact, supplement with natural, whey protein where possible. Last month we told you how to incorporate whey protein into a healthy lifestyle. including using it in smoothies and pancakes. Eating less meat doesn’t have to mean your protein intake slips.

The Good Stuff Smoothie

It can be therapeutic and great for your well being.

Preparing foods from scratch can foster creativity, take your mind off any worries and even encourage quality family-time. We all have a busy lifestyle, but taking the time out to cook with natural, wholefoods can be so therapeutic. If you have children, you could get them involved so they understand where food comes from, and how it’s prepared. Visiting local farms or getting outside and growing-your-own instead of buying everything from the supermarkets, works wonders for your mind, body and soul.

The Good Stuff

We hope you’ve enjoyed our tips. What benefits have you seen from eating a natural diet? Join the conversation over on Twitter: we would love to hear from you!