How to Stay Motivated in Five Easy Steps

How to Stay Motivated in Five Easy Steps

Motivation is such a personal thing, but we often experience a slump at this time of year. The nights draw in. The gym seems just that little bit further away. And as a result, our motivation to slay and conquer takes a dip.

But how can we avoid this and stay on track? At The Good Stuff, we love health and fitness but we can struggle with this seasonal motivation issue too. So, we thought we'd put together our best tips to stay motivated this Autumn/Winter... Let us know how you get on!

Step 1: Set Achievable (but not easy!) Goals

The point here is to set yourself realistic goals. Of course, you must challenge yourself, but if your goals are unattainable in the timeframes then you'll fail at the first hurdle. A good tip here is to keep them as performance-based as possible. So instead of saying "grow my glutes", set the goal to incorporate a circuit of "barbell hip thrusts, lunges and deadlifts" into your routine. Focussing on performance over aesthetics will drive better results, too!

Step 2: Stay Accountable

Once you've set realistic goals, you need to make yourself accountable. If you have a blog or an Instagram following, let your friends and followers know. Or, write them down in your house, somewhere in plain sight where you and whoever you live with can see them. That way, those around will be aware of your goals and therefore more likely to support you when needed.

Step 3: Reward Yourself

Your goal this week was to attend three HIIT classes, and you smashed it? Well done you! In that case, perhaps you deserve a pizza come Friday evening. Just make sure you team this tip with step two (stay accountable) and step four (stay focused) and you'll be sure to stay motivated throughout the colder months.

Step 4: Stay Focused

This is possibly the most crucial step, but the one people tend to forget. This is a busy time of the year, and the days are considerably shorter. Lots of social events, mean before you know it, it's the 5th of January and the season has passed you by in a whirlwind. We think the key to staying focused is to give yourself time to reflect. Have a quiet 10 minutes with yourself at the beginning and end of each week. Write down your goals and any progress made. Staying focused in this way really helps you stay on track. If you wanted to take it to the next level, you could look into how meditation helps you focus on your fitness goals too.

Step 5: Enjoy It

Ask yourself, if you're losing motivation at the gym, are you actually enjoying your workouts? There are so many ways to exercise these days, so think outside the box and switch things up if you're not loving it. If you can, get outdoors at the weekend and get some brisk, fresh air as you cycle/run/hike/jog/walk your way to winter fitness. You can do this!

Bonus Tip;  Gloat About Your Progress

If you manage to stay on-track this winter and don't fall too deep into the January get-fit hype, then we commend you! If you made some progress on your glutes this November, then tell Twitter! Or did you manage to beat your personal best 5K run? Let people know! Whatever it is, if it's something you're proud of, then we would never judge you for sharing, as long as you do it in a way that could also motivate others!