How we began......

A couple of years ago when my husband and I got into training and going to the gym we were looking to increase our protein intake.

We wanted an affordable, easy and high quality source of protein and whey seemed the obvious answer. We found it very difficult to find a whey that didn’t have a ton of nasty ingredients in it. An organic, grass-fed whey protein seemed impossible to find.

We both feel very strongly about what effects non-organic foods have on our bodies, coupled with the conditions some non-organic animals are kept in, both dairy and meat we felt organic was the only way to go.

Because of the dearth of organic whey protein on the market, we set about trying to create our own organic, grass-fed, pure whey that came from healthy happy cows.

We eventually found the perfect farmer who was passionate about his cows including their health and welfare. The whey they were producing tasted amazing and was completely pure and natural.

Finally after months and months of hard work and dedication, 'The Good Stuff' was born! 

As well as Organic Pure Whey we also supply a range of organic superfoods to perfectly complement each other, many act as tasty flavourings for our neutral, creamy whey, why not give them a try? We love to mix and match to super size our meals.

Check out the recipe section for some yummy inspiration!

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The Good Stuff