Using Protein to Supplement a Healthy Lifestyle

Hello, and welcome back to The Good Stuff Organic blog. In the past, we’ve discussed why protein is important in our diet, and we’ve given you some recipe suggestions to incorporate protein into a healthy lifestyle. As we’re totally mad about this kind of stuff, we’ve decided to bring you a monthly post about current health, fitness or lifestyle topics.

Our first post is about how we should be using protein powder as a supplement, not a substitute. Recent news challenged the way some protein supplements are advertised; misleading people to think they can buy their ideal body out of a bottle. Here at The Good Stuff, we know that’s just not true. We definitely see protein as a supplement… which means we think it should always be taken alongside a healthy, balanced diet, and never be used as a meal replacement.

Healthy SaladOur bodies need a variety of healthy, good stuff to function properly; lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, lean proteins and good sources of fibre, to name a few. So we thought we’d round up our top suggestions for Using Protein to Supplement a Healthy Lifestyle, and we hope you find them useful! It’s all about timing when it comes to protein supplements. Taking them too close to meal times can result in you skipping meals altogether; and that’s exactly what you want to avoid if you want maximum benefits. Drinking a protein shake immediately after exercise will allow your body to absorb what it needs quickly, and still be hungry in time for your next meal.

It’s key to know your dosage. Consuming too much or too little can really alter the effectiveness for the worse; so stick to the recommended 1 scoop (20g) per portion. Consuming too much protein can adversely affect your appetite, and ultimately tempt you into skipping meals. So avoid this where possible!

Incorporate protein into healthy meals. Bored of shakes? Then get a little more creative and incorporate protein powder into your meals and snacks for a healthy boost. We love SpamellaB’s healthy bakes, especially her lemon and poppyseed protein loaf, as a healthy alternative to take to the office. Or try these chocolate and cherry protein overnight oats from Sophie’s Scran for breakfast. Delicious, healthy and indulgent. What’s not to love?

The Good Stuff Healthy LifestyleAdd other nutritional boosts. A healthy lifestyle isn’t just all about protein, so why not use supplements as an opportunity to add nutrition-rich superfoods? Try adding organic chlorella for a true superfood boost to your healthy recipes, or the powerful antioxidant baobab for an extra hit of fibre, vitamin C and calcium.  

Always incorporate protein into a healthy, active lifestyle. Remember protein powders are a supplement, not a substitute! You can’t buy your dream body out of a bottle, which, unfortunately, is what some other brands may have you believe. Speaking to an advisor at your gym, taking regular exercise, and eating a healthy, balanced diet is a good place to start. Supplementing this with proteins and superfoods, in the right proportions, will help you on your way to achieving your fitness goals.