Why is Protein so Important in our Diet?

Here at The Good Stuff HQ we think protein is pretty amazing stuff…..

  • It’s in every cell in your body-and scientists estimate there are around 32.7 trillion cells in the average human body!!
  • Your body needs it to repair tissues and muscles - making it vital to refuel your body properly after exercising.
  • Your body needs it to make hormones and enzymes.
  • It’s basically the building block to making healthy bones, skin and blood.

It’s therefore imperative that you include enough of it into your diet and also make sure it’s of a good quality.

At The Good Stuff HQ we try and get our protein from a variety or sources. We get a lot of it from plant sources such as grains, legumes, beans, nuts, seeds, and veggies. We also get some from meat, but we always make sure it is from animals that are organic and have been raised the right way.

A great way for us to supplement our protein intake is from Whey Protein. And like our meat and veggies we like it to be organic. This ensures the cows have been brought up well, and the whey is the best quality it can be. Some whey protein powders are full of artificial colours, flavours and sweeteners. The whey can also come from cows that have been kept in shocking conditions and have been fed lots of antibiotics and hormones. Here at The Good Stuff we only use the happiest and healthiest cows that have an organic diet and are free to roam as nature intended.

We don’t use any sweeteners or flavourings…. Our whey has one ingredient and that’s whey!

 So here’s a big whey-hey for protein!!