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Overnight Protein Oats

Overnight Protein Oats


50g Oats
10g The Good Stuff Organic Coconut Flour
10g The Good Stuff Organic Cacao Powder
1 scoop The Good Stuff Organic Whey
100g Apple puree
Pinch of cinnamon
200-250ml Milk of your choice


Mix all the dry ingredients together and add the apple puree, cinnamon and then the milk - add as much or as little depending on how thick you like your oats.

Pour into a bowl or Tupperware box and place in the fridge over night… by morning your oats will have soaked up all the ingredients and be lovely and thick.

Choose your favourite toppings and sprinkle them on top -  enjoy either hot or cold.

Delicious recipe by Vee's Fitness Food.